Insurance of transport, carriers, and shipping agents

Shipping insurance

This insurance policy is designed to cover any damage, destruction or loss consignments during transportation and thus suits particularly owners of the transported goods who do not wish to relay on the agents' or transporters' insurance scope and terms and conditions. However, it can be concluded even by the agents or transporters themselves. Their client will thus benefit from a truly comprehensive coverage, which includes damages occurring during the loading and offloading, or during storage between the individual phases of the transport.

Road carrier liability insurance

The policy covers any damage to transported cargo, provided the carrier bears responsibility for it under the law, and international conventions governing the transportation of goods.

Insurance of carrier financial capacity

This policy is required to prevent carrier insolvency and covers the carrier's liabilities related to the negotiated shipments.

Shipping agent liability insurance

This policy provides protection to companies—shipping agents—to cover any potential damage resulting from the transport organization process.