For companies

Whether you are self-employed or own a manufacturing plant exporting products all around the world, you need an adequate insurance policy to protect your business. In designing insurance policies, we place emphasis on comprehensive approach to company insurance.

Property insurance

  • Property Damage and Business Interruption insurance
  • Vehicle insurance, including additional insurance schemes, legal protection, and the GAP policy
  • Cyber risk insurance
  • Credit insurance and other insurance policies

Liability insurance

  • General liability (operational) insurance
  • Product’s liability insurance
  • Professional indemnity  insurance and other insurance

Management insurance

  • Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance
  • Personal accident insurance

Employee insurance

  • Employee liability insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal accident insurance

Technical risk insurance

  • Machinery and Electronics insurance, including  business interruption
  • Construction insurance, including the advance loss of  investor's  profit

Insurance of transport, carriers, and shipping agents

  • Transportation insurance
  • Carrier liability and financial eligibility insurance
  • Shipping agent liability insurance

Specific insurance

  • Financial guarantee  insurance (bonds)
  • Title  insurance
  • Insurance against travel/employment agent's bankruptcy


  • Mediation of reinsurance