Employee insurance

Employee liabilty insurance


In accordance with Act No.  262/2006 Coll., the Labour Code, employees who work for companies based upon employment contracts or are in a similar contractual relationships may be requested to pay compensations for up to 4.5 times of their average gross monthly salary for damages caused to their employers' assets, or for any financial damages.  Usually, it concerns damage to entrusted vehicles or other items, and damage that occurs as a result of operating forklifts.

It is therefore in the interest of each employee to be protected by insurance against the risk of such a damage.  It is up to the employees, whether they conclude individual policies with the insurer by themselves or through their agent; or do so as a group—in that case the insurance policy is provided for by their employers.  In such a case, thanks to a high number of employees, it is usually easier to negotiate better terms and conditions, particularly price-wise.

Travel insurance

If you send your employees abroad on business, it is advisable to insure them against any sudden health complications, including any potential injury consequences, including death, liability for any damages caused abroad, e.g., damages to hotel facilities, or loss of luggage.

With the increased number of persons sent abroad on business, framework insurance policies prove to be much more advantageous compared to any ad hoc negotiated travel insurance.

Personal accident insurance

This insurance policy is suitable for companies active in areas with a higher risk of damage to employee health, i.e., companies employing people who spend most of their working hours driving.  The scope of insurance coverage may always be customized to suit your specific needs.