Technical risk insurance

Machinery and electronics insurance, including business interruption

Insurance against mechanical and electronic risks represents a suitable addition to property insurance, especially in companies where a failure of key machinery or electronic facility may result in significant loss of company assets or funds.  In contrast to property insurance, this insurance policy covers particularly any damage to the machinery or electronic equipment due to an "internal cause", and not due to natural hazards (this coverage may only be limited).

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Construction insurance

The construction and assembly insurance policy provides coverage for assets and liability related to construction work and entities that carry it out, e.g., the general contractor, subcontractors, investors, project designers, managers, etc. The insurance coverage may be arranged with a host of additional schemes to cover any specific needs of the project in question, e.g., the length of pilot operation, period of time negotiated with the investor during which defects are eliminated, the necessity to continue construction work at weekends and holidays should any damage occur, the necessity for special transport of portions of the construction project in the event of a damage, etc.

ALOP represents a specific form of coverage: it is an insurance policy for cases, in which the material damage to the assets constructed results in delaying the project, and thereby to the investor's loss of profit on the project and/or unnecessary spending. 

The construction and assembly insurance policy may be arranged to cover a single project (individual contract, usually negotiated by the investor), or for several projects implemented during a particular period of time (framework contract, usually negotiated by the construction company or developer).